Monday, March 08, 2010


I am off ranting again and why not.. there is so much @#$#$ happening around and I am just not happy with it.
=> It starts with my new work place. I have already explained where it is and I come in early on this monday morning (which should be abolished) so that I am in early (trust me that was tough) before all my bosses and THEY DONT COME IN AT ALL.

=> There is a meeting for all leads and they have forgotten to send me the invite. I am sitting here glaring at the monitor, especially as I have no work to do.

=> A much junior person with much less experience has been chosen for promotion, while I am trying to get out but seem to be stuck like in a quick sand. But that is not why I am jealous of the junior guy.. He got the window seat.. WAAAAhhhh

=> I was just catching up on my blog reading and one of the blogs written by an american father. Talks about alternate medicine. The idiot says that when there is a plague in India or Tibet, they kick their grandmas and run to the nearest Red Cross TENT. Yes people!, we poverty stricken, uncouth savages do not have hospitals, just some medical tents that Red cross was good enough to set up in a few places. We walk bare foot to it to so that they can take pity on us and stick some capsules down our throat. Hmph!I dont understand how the world's most dumbest, ignorant and arrogant people all joined together to form the worlds most powerful nation.

=> While I dont believe in Women's day and all that @#$@. I have never claimed to be anything but mercenary and happily so. The project that sits next to mine has given all their lady colleagues flowers and cards and I WANT ONE TOOOOOO. :-P

=> Despite not having any work (and thanks to my new work place location and Indian Work culture) I am expected to come to office early and leave late despite having not much in the way of work. And even harder is trying to act busy. I cannot even read any books without people sticking their noses into it.. Aaarrrggghhh!!!

*Phew* I think I have got it out of my system. So until next time ... Ate Mais

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