Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Sketches

Know what I did this weekend? I mean other gorging on Pizza and Ugh!!! working.
I was scanning some of the sketches I had done. So obviously I just had to put a few of them here.


RS said...

Love the new design and its much faster! :-D

Sanjana said...

Which new design? I hardly get to see your blog design, since I read it thro google Reader :-).

RS said...

Arey! Sorry - wrong blog comment in the right blog!!

And I actually wanted to write - Lovely sketches - why dont you get these framed instead of tanjaoor painting and stuff??!!

You should! And do more! I would love to just get a month off to do all these lovely things... :-)

Tamanna said...

Woww really good sketches!

Sanjana said...

Thanks Tamanna :-)