Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yes! I don't like cooking! There I have said it out loud.
And eagerly waiting for lightning to strike me dead!

Why the astonished faces, worse the ashamed face? God knows I am not ashamed of it.
No! It does not mean I cannot cook just that I do not like it.
And even if I did not know to cook, what do you care?
 Please be assured, it is not akin to serial killing.
While this may amaze and astonish ..NO! my sex is not determined by my cooking skills.

An acquaintance, whose name I did not even bother to know, met me at the pantry and us being womenfolks had to ask me the ubiquitous question.

She: Do you cook?
Me:  yes but I don't like to.
*Close up* Her Shocked face. Then a sudden clearing and ...
She: Oh! you mean you haven't learnt cooking.
Me: No, I can cook, just don't like to
She: See! you will get interest if you want to cook some dish to perfection so every one can enjoy it. *comes near me to whisper her secret* My mom does not cook a few dishes well (Guess I was supposed to Gasp with wonder here) So I learnt to cook those dishes really well.
Me: *With a get a life face*:- As long as I don't starve, I could not care less if something is cooked to perfection or not.

I could have been a pariah after that, the lady could not get away from me fast enough. What was funny was there were 3 men sitting behind us and am guessing overhearing our conversation.
When I got up to leave.. I found all 3 staring at me with the most weird look on their face.

And what do you know .. my friend just pings me to grumble about something similar
Turns out her colleague who sits in the next cubicle was totally disgusted with her for getting recipes from the internet. Wanted to know what kind of cook would check the internet for recipes and was all sympathies for her family.

I remember a colleague at my old office asking me most flabbergastingly "But you are a girl, how can you not like cooking?"

I honestly think i would be forgiven for murder, if only I could like cooking... Gahhh!!!!!
People, PLEASE get a LIFE!!!!!


Sh@s said...

I like cooking but I can't cook everyday. Its too much of a task. I would rather do something more brainy :P
So, you count me in your team :D

Sanjana said...

@ Sh@s:- Welcome to my team :-). I can totally understand how one might rather choose to do something brainy. I have nothing against cooking, its the stereotypical reactions that drive me up the wall.