Monday, May 16, 2011

My shoes, your shoes.

I had a meeting this evening. I was tensed, frustrated.
This was a meeting initiated by my onsite counterpart to discuss some issues and my boss and reportee were both invited. I knew the man was going to point fingers at me.I just knew it! Darn him!

"The mistake was not mine! Why must I always take the blame? Why is not everyone doing their work properly? Oh God! what is the man going to say? How about I give the meeting a miss? How come my reportee, the culprit is so cool and confident? he is so lazy!" ... My mind was bursting with excuses, reasons, questions and resentments.

I was nervous and resentful that the others did not seem to have any nerves.

Then the meeting started and went the way meetings go and at its end my onsite counterpart heaved a big sigh! and said, "I was so nervous about this meeting, I wanted another colleague to attend it with me.. you know as a kind of moral support. But its OK, we will be able to complete our work in time".

Well! well! waddya know? :-).

Sometimes we forget that others are normal humans too and are probably facing the same fears and frustrations that we are. They may not come out and say/show it or post it in their blogs and bore their friends to tears. Does not mean they are infinitely confident or knowledgeable.

A friend once told me, that each of us have our own phobias which we hide well. But then we look at each other enviously thinking." Look she/he is without any issues, while I am so phobic."
 Little do we realize that  they are probably looking right back at us and thinking just about the same thing.


RS said...

Hmmm... Im in the first paragraph st age right now and I dont think my onsite is going to be 'human' about it!!!

Sanjana said...

@RS: I dont think my Onsite is human either. I think of them in terms of worms and other creepy crawlies. But the point I was trying to get across is that we never know wats happening behind each face.

Sh@s said...

True :)