Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Indian Speciality

My friend RJ asked me what I would like from Canada and I asked him what was the Canadian speciality. He could not think of anything that was special to that country. So I asked a few other friends here who have visited the country. They too thought hard and could not think of anything.

That had me thinking about how many many things we Indians take for granted. When Canadians had come down to India, they did not even have to ask what was the speciality here. There were so many exotic things for them. Sweets, Taj Mahal momentos, Jewellery, Shawls, dresses, you name it we have it.

Forget about India at large, Each state here has its own speciality. Hyderabadi pearls and bangles, Kashimiri shawls, Kerala chips, Kanjeevaram Sarees, Jodhpuri slippers, Calcutta sweets, especially Ras Gulla.. yum!!! just to name a few.

I've written about how other countries, especially the US market their tourism so well, despite having nothing much worth talking about. Where as here with so much to show off we are busy scratching "He loves She" and drawing hearts on the monuments.

Have you seen the Incredible India ads? They are incredible and not just coz Aamir is in it :-)

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