Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tired .. Just tired of the whole fleeting world.

It doesnt make sense to wake up everyday, just to go to work. Would rather sleep some more and see movies or read books or just do nothing.

What does it matter what you do, there is no recognition for your work and you are just taken for granted.

Not able to kick up any enthusiasm for the work. Its all a drag anyways.

So get out! you say? Would love to, but stuck in a nice rut. And the thing about these ruts are that they are safe, comfortable and give you a feeling of security, even if false.

Anyway whats out there? More of the same?

So alternately living in a nice state of fugue and in Calvin's favourite state.. Denial.


RS said...

Take a week off - and read and watch movies and go shopping - BUT If you have leaves...

Sanjana said...

hmm! I have a lot of vacation piled up but no one approving them leaves.. esp with project going strong :-(