Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hyderabadi trip

*Phew* Now that I have got the rant out of my system. I can tell you about the very eventful trip I went on, over the weekend.
A piece of sincere advice from a sun burnt, heat boiled person. Do NOT go to Hyderabad in March or later.

The forward trip, had us travelling with a lady going to see her school kid in Hyderabad and 2 men. We started discussing about places of interest in Chennai and moved on to Temples here and from there one of the men caught on and he was cribbing about how its not right for Hinduism to have more than one God when God is only one. Fun was had by all arguing about it.

They were allowing people to climb up the Charminar. Its very charming from up there, but you would probably be aching every where from the steep climb to enjoy it too much. The place is a shopppers paradise. Birla Mandir must have been nice too, but I was busy jumping around on the hot stones, trying to get on and off the temple.

Everyone must go to the Ramoji Film City atleast once. Its expensive, so might I suggest you go as soon as possible, before they increase the entry fee again. Despite the terrible heat (The hyderabadi citizens tell me its not really hot, just warm... *gak*) we still had fun, the shows, sets, bus tours are a must see.

Finally rounded off with Salar jung Museum, I enjoyed the European Paintings and Marble and Bronze statues section. The other stuff was OK. The musical clock which brings in scores of people was a disappointment to me. Well! Its good, but not sure if its worth the publicity it gets.

Oh! How could I forget the Lumbini Park and the trip down the Hussain Sagar Lake in the evening. I would love to hang out there with friends. Its softly lighted, nice cool breeze coming off the lake and a variety of restuarants with seats looking over the lake. Sigh!

Hmmm! Reading back what I have written, it looks like I have said mostly negative things, but not so. It was a really enjoyable trip. Will add fotos later.

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RS said...

Where Photos? And a weekend trip? Wow sounds like fun! I have never been to Hyderabad - its on my places to visit list for years now...