Monday, March 14, 2011

My Loves

I fall in love every week, sometimes the love lasts for as much as a month, but eventually I get bored and move on.

But its all cyclic. I come back to my old love eventually.

For eg. Last week I was all melty for Bhupinder singh. Was downloading his songs like crazy.
The way he croons and caresses the words of the ghazals he sings,sigh!... Like each word is the most important word at that point and there is no hurry to go to the next word. mmmm!!! and what a deep voice. I am a sucker for deep voices. (I dont like Jagjit singh and Suresh Wadekar though I love ghazals)

This week its Rafi saab. I listened to his Woh jab yaad aaye and kuch kuch yaad aane laga.

Sometime back it was Mukesh Saab. God! the man can cry like no one's business. Was singing "Waqt karta jo Wafa" repeatedly and driving myself wild.

Talat Aziz, used to have a crush on his voice and him, until I saw him act in some serials. But I decided to forgive him for his voice :-)

I am off Kishore for sometime. ODed on him. Lata and Asha are all time loves

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