Monday, March 14, 2011

Why I hate Flipkart!

Honestly! Flipkart has made my bookshelves so much healthier and my wallet that much less.
It is so easy to buy a book with just a click and they give such great discounts and darn them! they deliver it at home for free and I don't have to move out of my seat.

I've become a compulsive buyer, and I feel almost ashamed (Almost being the operative word)
:-) .

Believe it or not I have almost 40 books that I have yet to read, stuck in my bookshelves.
The number never seems to come down, since I keep stocking up on newer books before I can make any headway on the older ones.

My librarian is not happy with me, I have not been borrowing much from him nowadays.

Sigh! I just came to office and ordered myself the new Jeffrey Archer book at 40% discount :-).

Oh Yeah! you can see why I hate Flipkart.. Can't you?


RS said...

Hey! I just bought the latest Jeffery ARcher too and a load of other books - did you read my post? Even Hubby said that he was expecting a comment from you on the last 2 posts of mine :-D

Sanjana said...

*Phew* I commented at last. Your blog was driving me crazy trying to add my comment :-).
Its not just books you know. Was seeing bags in ebay. It took a considerable will power to not order some of those cute stuff.
BTW ebay is selling that Jeff Archer book at 145.. grrrrr

shyam said...

Hi.. all
i ordered
Dell Inspiron 14 2nd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 500GB
Intel 2nd Generation Core i5
14 Inch Screen
with 1GB ATI graphics card

Order date: Oct 11, 2011, 01:20 PM
Order Number: OD11011130850
Total amount: Rs. 35425

but after my call they increased price from Rs. 35425 to Rs. 38998 and ..saying this is not in stock and canceled my order.. I hate flipkart, thay just fucked my whole day...

Hari Rastogi said...

I too don't like FLIPKART because of :

1- They are violating FDI regulations:

2- Playing last man standing game:
Stop running business in losses. You are running business in losses from last 8 years, can small retailers ( Online retailers and physical retailers) run in losses for 1 day.

3- So many customer complains:

4- Flipkart is delivering JUNK: