Thursday, February 17, 2011


It must have happened to you all too.

When you were saying one thing but in your minds you were hoping for something else to happen.
Despite knowing that the chance of what your are hoping is very very less, when it does not happen you are surprised and sad.

My boss is moving on to greener pastures and being qualified, experienced, certified and what ever else you can think of, I was hoping to fill his shoes, or atleast some kind of improvement in my role.

But I knew ofcourse that the chances of that happening were less, after all the man does not even like me. Except when he wants some work done, of course.

Anyways someone else has been chosen and when I asked why I was not chosen, I was given the usual run around. I am mad and sad.

And basically enjoying wallowing in self-pity. sigh!

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