Thursday, February 24, 2011

On News and more...

God Knows why I have started reading news again. I pride myself on not reading or seeing news as it invariably makes me depressed. And I really do not need anything more to do that, Thank you very much.
But then the news also hardly varies, whether I see it today, last month or next month. The faces might change, the amount might change but it is still murder, rape, scandal and mayhem everywhere.
I am sure there are good things happening out there somewhere. But they are just not newsworthy. Who wants to see/read about altruism, awards (unless it is the filmy awards or the Padma awards .. lets not even start talking about them ) or discoveries and inventions? Hmm! unless it is Rahul Gandhi, then if he even sneezes it is for the good of the country, for he epitomizes the good Samaritan and is absolutely news worthy.

It sickens me that even the media is bought and paid for by the powerful and politically inclined.

I was trying to read Arundati roy's interview with Amitava Kumar, could not complete it as I started drowning in the ocean of her hubris. God! What a condescending, all-knowing so and so. She gets one Booker price and suddenly she is the queen of the world and the all-wise Oracle rolled into one. She is clearly blabbering in the hope of keeping herself in the limelight and unfortunately she is given all the opportunities to do so. She says in her interview that the sedition charges against her was not brought about by our government but by some right-wing crazies. I could say something about the Government, but I do not use that kind of language.

On other news, a Chinese man played games in his computer for over 3 days without any food or sleep and slipped into coma and died. Sigh!!!!

The Aarushi murder case.. the less said the better. The poor girl's murder is being gleefully made into a three ring media circus, while the police have already destroyed most of the evidence that could possibly point to the guilty. And to add insult to injury, they are making a movie out of it. Can people be more callous?
As Mark Twain said : “When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”

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