Monday, February 14, 2011

What a weekend

I have so many thoughts jumbled up in my head, that I wish i could pull them out like silver threads, the way Dumbledore does.

Spent most of the weekend seeing movies from early 90s.

It started with Kshana kshanam, my friend PSR was raving about it and I had this urge to see it. So thanks to youtube, I started on it.

Anyways so I decided I would see some more Sridevi movies, Nagin, chalbaaz, nigahen, gurudev (Rishi Kapoor should NEVER act as a policeman. He looks quite grubby and unkempt, despite trying to be otherwise)

I also saw Ram Lakhan (Jackie is sooo handsome) and Khalnayak.

Not sure if my tastes have matured/changed or whatever, but these are movies I would have (and I have) heartily enjoyed a few years back but I was finding faults with the storyline/ dialogues and what not (I am thinking I will blame PSR for this too ..hehehe )

I saw some comments comparing Sridevi with Madhuri, but I felt it was more like comparing apples and oranges. Sridevi is a class comediene (except for that irritating giggle), great actress and sensuous effortlessly despite having her dress on.

Madhuri is a great actress too, but cannot carry comedy well and sometimes I find her vulgar when she is trying to be sensuous. Especially in those early 90s movies.

Moving away on a tangent, after college, played hookey last week to go see Yudham Sei. It was a movie worth seeing once definitely. But the second half they tried to dramatize and it fell through. Also the poor CB CID has never heard of the latest technologies and police processes like BOLO, APB. But what the heck, I enjoyed myself. :-)
Anyways I have had a surfeit of movies for now and feeling slightly nauseous even thinking of seeing any


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