Monday, February 21, 2011

The Romantic Hero

Today, the shareauto I travelled in had a DVD player attached to it and the good man was putting on some great songs.
Chand Sifarish from Fanaa and Rab de bana di Jodi songs.

I have always maintained that Aamir is the ultimate romantic hero of Bollywood.

I would definitely not mind a boy friend/ husband (hmm! one who would not divorce me ofcourse. I have lost my respect for him since his divorce.. hmph!) like him.
I get the shivers when I see him in those songs. From QSQT to Ghajini (though in Ghajini he was more in love with his six.. sorry 8 pack than Asin) the man is groovy...sigh!

Speaking of Ghajini, have you seen the song Guzaarish? They repetitively show only three things in it, Aamir's 8-pack, Aamir long shot, showing his 8-pack and face, oh! and some shots of Asin...  hehehe

Shah rukh on the other hand,does the obsessive psycho, rather well. But the romance..hmm, he does nothing to me when he tries his hand in it.

I know N and P are probably up in arms for my saying so.. But sorry gals, there it is. :-)


Anonymous said...

i completely agree,at any age he is dateable - maheswari

Anonymous said...

i was seriously abt to look up the word "shareauto" thinking it was a single, high-funda word(imagine me trying to pronounce it :P), until it dawned on me that it was "share-auto"

anyways, i do disagree totally on the AK front......none can surpass King Khan.....maybe a certain Roshan with his vulnerable eyes could.. ...but AK is just abt him being a good-looking guy which does half the job in making the girls swoon.


Sanjana said...

Sorry dear.. its become such a household name that it has almost become a single word. Didn't realize I was writing it as one :-)

Its AK's eyes.. its an affliction ;-)